Photographs & Memories
by Lutz Koepnick (This is a large pdf file - 7.2Mb and may take some time to download). For a quicker download click here for a web page with the same article.
South Cenral Review, 21:1, Spring 2004


Myth of Nations
A link to the German Historical Museum webpage addressing my work, Winter 2004.


Censorship in Camouflage: a project about the unexplored aspects of censorship
by Alan Schechner
Discusses self censorship in "the Censor Within" (begins on page 20)
Transcript taken from a discussion series organized by the National Coalition Against Censorship, February 2003


Abe Novick on Mirroring Evil
A text version of the NPR audio link


There are many sides to every story: Alan Schechner looks at the Holocaust
—by Ann Swartz
, Ph.D.
Fine Art Forum, April 2002


No business like Shoah business
—by Michelle Goldberg, April 3, 2002


'Mirroring Evil' Exhibit
Morning Edition, NPR, March 26, 2002 (audio)


Mirroring Evil
The Connection with Dick Gordon, March 20, 2002 (audio)


Managing the Unmanageable
—by Richard Goldstein
The Village Voice, March 6-12, 2002


A Tiger's Leap Into Oblivion?: photography in the age of digital reproduction
—by Noam Milgrom-Elcott
In Museo, Volume 3, Spring 2000


How Many people Does it Take to Screw in a Lightbulb?
On the Ownership of Experience, or Who Can say What to Whom, When?

Art Papers, March/April 1997 Issue 2