DIALOG : A Collaboration with Rana Bishara
Digital Projection/Chocolate Medium
Date: 2003

DIALOG is a collaboration between two artists with very different practices, but who are connected by their relationship to the ongoing conflict in Palestine/ Israel. In this piece they project documentary and manipulated images onto a wall and then using their hands paint on the wall using melted chocolate.

In the process of painting they enter into a silent dialog both with each other, responding to the marks made by the other artist and also with the images projected onto the wall. Rana's use of chocolate as a medium and Alan's digital and historical deconstructions merge both on the screen and also in their intent. For Bishara, chocolate is a material that is impressionable, that both accepts and preserves marks, it is a medium that resonates with childhood and is saturated with memories.

Schechner's work asks questions of history and memory, how they are used, by whom and to what ends. In this dialog of equals Schechner's images of the Holocaust and the Intifada merge with slides taken by Bishara on her visit to the Jenin Refugee camp after the massacre of April 2002.

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