Speilberg's List
Typewritten List, thumb tacks and corkboard
Date: 1998

A list of the films of Steven Spielberg typed on 50 year old paper in the exact format of the list from the Movie "Schindler's List". When "Schindler's List" was first released Jewish organizations in the United States took it upon themselves to bus classes of gentile children to the Movies to see the film and to "educate" them about the Holocaust. A local Television channel in the Boston area where I was living at the time televised one of these excursions. As the children left the cinema the TV crew interviewed a distraught young girl in her early teens. " What did you think of the film?" she was asked? She answered, in tears "I want to become Jewish".

Watching this I was hit by the fact that whatever merits the Spielberg's Movie may have it was important that this was not the only way a new generation would glean information about the Holocaust.

By placing Schindler's List in the context of Spielberg's other movies I have attempted to highlight the fact that this Movie must be seen primarily in the context of the Hollywood Film Machine. By doing this we can both learn from its strengths and be aware of it's shortcomings as a historical document.